Privacy Policy


K & C Law Group is committed to preserving your privacy.

In the course of providing our clients with quality legal advice and assisting our clients with their legal matters, and at the same time, marketing our services and running our business, K & C Law Group collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information relating to various individuals. 

By “personal information”, we are referring to information or an opinion relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual. These individuals include (but are not limited to) our clients, potential clients, contractors and others. 

As a legal practice, K & C Law Group recognises the importance of protecting the confidentiality of information to our professional relationships. Therefore, all information received is subject to strict duties of confidentiality. In furtherance to our high own ethical and professional standards, K & C Law Group is also bound by the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

This Privacy Policy describes how K & C Law Group will manage personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and the NPPs. It does not affect K & C Law Group’s obligation of confidentiality to our clients, nor is it intended to take away any legal professional privilege to which our clients may be entitled.

Why and how do we collect personal information?

K & C Law Group collects personal information in order to run and conduct our business, to provide and market our services and to meet our legal obligations.

Generally, we collect personal information by way of forms filled out by people, face-to-face meetings, interviews, business cards, telephone conversations and from third parties.

We may also be provided with personal information about you:

  • Directly by you for a specific purpose – for example, when you make an enquiry about our services, visit our website, become our client, supply goods or services to us, apply for a job with us and subscribe or ask to be placed on our mailing list.

  • From a member of our staff (e.g. through networking). We may use your personal information to carry out credit check where you are a client. We may also use your personal information to invite you to be placed on our mailing list, or to attend our functions, seminars or information session. You may at all times notify us that you do not wish to receive such materials.

  • From a third party – for example, in medical report provided by medical practitioner or in a reference from referee.

  • From our website – for example, through receiving subscription requests and emails. We may also use third parties to analyse traffic at our website, which may involve the use of cookies. 

In most cases, if personal information we request is not provided, we may not be able to supply the relevant product or service.

What types of personal information do we collect?

The type of information we may collect and hold includes (but is not limited to) personal information about:'

  • clients;

  • individuals with whom our clients deal with (including their business associates, employees, agents and/or contractors);

  • potential clients;

  • suppliers and their employees, agents and/or contractors;

  • individuals who hold positions in companies or organisations with whom K & C Law Group deals with;

  • employees, prospective employees and contractors; and

  • any other people who come into contact with K & C Law Group and/or a member of K & C Law Group.

We generally collect and hold the following personal information: names, addresses, contact details, occupations and all other information which assist us in running and conducting our business, providing and marketing our services and meeting our legal obligations.

How might we use and disclose your personal information?

We use and disclose your personal information primarily for the purpose for which it was collected. As most of our information is collected from you directly, you will be aware of the purpose of the collection in most cases.

We may sometimes use the personal information we collect for:

  • reasonably expected secondary purposes, which could be directly related to the primary purpose and at such you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information in such a way; or

  • such other purposes as are permitted or required by law, or in the interest of public safety.

In general, we use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to run and conduct our business;

  • to provide and market our services;

  • to communicate with you;

  • to purchase from you;

  • to meet our legal obligations; and

  • to help us manage and enhance our services.

Whenever your information is used or disclosed, it will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and subject to clients’ requirements, legal professional privilege and/or the law.

To whom might we disclose your personal information?

We may disclose your personal information to:

  • If you are a client of K & C Law Group, or you are employed by, contracted to or are an agent of, a client of K & C Law Group –​​ barristers or other legal specialists (including mediators), consultants or experts engaged in your matter, foreign law firms or lawyers for the purpose of obtaining foreign legal advice;

  • other companies or individuals who assist us in providing services or who perform functions on our behalf;​

  • courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities; and
  • anyone else as may be authorised by you.

We may also collect personal information from these organisations and individuals, and deal with that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Where necessary, we may disclose your personal information to our associates or affiliates, including offices located outside Australia, but only when consented to by you or otherwise authorised under the Privacy Act. If so disclosed, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that they will treat your personal information collected in Australia and sent to them in accordance with the requirements of the NPPs and any applicable local laws relating to privacy.

We will not disclose information we collect about you to any third parties without your prior consent. Similarly, we will not sell any information we collect about you.

Sensitive information

Some personal information which we collect is “sensitive information”.  

Sensitive information includes (but is not limited to) information relating to an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, religion, health and wellbeing, sexual preferences, political opinions, trade union or other professional or trade association membership and criminal history/record.

Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose, unless you agree otherwise, or where we are permitted or required by law to do so.

How do we protect and manage personal information

We will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of all personal information we collect. Amongst others, we will protect it from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Most information is held in hard copy or electronic records, which may only be accessed by our staff in the performance of their duties. All our staff are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals.

Where we no longer require your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected or for a permitted secondary purpose, we will take reasonable steps to destroy it.

How do we keep personal information accurate and up-to-date

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, hold, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We encourage you to contact our office if any of the information that you have provided to us changes.

Subject to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act, you may seek access to the personal information which we hold about you by contacting our office. We will require you to verify your identity and to specify what information you require. A fee may be charged for providing access. We will advise you of the likely cost in advance.

You can also request that information about you be corrected or deleted. This is part of our commitment to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

We reserve our right to refuse your request for access, correction or deletion if we consider your request to be frivolous or vexatious, or if we are legally entitled to do so. If we refuse your request, we will give you our reasons. 

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed from time to time to take into account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices as well as the changing business environment.

We will keep you updated on the changes by posting new versions of our Privacy Policy on our website. By providing your personal information to us or by using our website, you are indicating your acceptance of our current policy.


K & C Law Group will endeavour to resolve any problems you may have with the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information. 

If you have any concerns or questions about privacy-related issues, please contact our office. 

Version 1.0 dated January 2018